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Flexicon: Convey, load, unload, weigh, feed, and process virtually any bulk solid material

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P-0207Anchor Products
Automated line improves sanitary filling of bulk bags with coffee creamer powder
N-1405Beringer Wine
Automated Bulk Bag Unloading, Flexible Conveyor Improve Filtration Effectiveness at Winery
N-0366Bradford Soap Works
Bulk bag unloader, flexible screw conveyor help soap maker expand production
M-0525Dairy Industries Jamaica
Flexible screw conveyors help double output in confined bottling and packaging area of milk powder and powder drink mixes
P-0205Food & Spice
Bulk food processor boosts capacity 3 fold with flexible screw conveyor
N-1183Johnson Matthey
Coatings manufacturer cuts packaging system downtime with mobile bulk bag filler
N-1280Transtar Autobody
Mobile Flexible conveyor cuts dispersion time by 30% at paint manufacturer
P-1104Welland Medical
Automated turnkey batching, blending, extrusion system provides 18 month R.O.I.
N-1069Whitmire Laboratories
Bulk agricultural chemicals production improved
M-0586Novartis Crop Protection
Innovative approach to weigh/batch mixing directly from bulk bags improves efficiency and workplace safety for a world leader in crop protection
M-1391Rockware Glass
Leading bottle producer moves bulk materials with no cross-contamination
N-1263Snyder of Berlin
Automated cornmeal unloading system improves product quality, with seven month R.O.I.
M-1389Hodgson Chemicals
Flexible screw conveyor and bulk bag/drum filler maximize packaging efficiency for chemical producer
M-1392Aquarium Systems
Aquarium Systems cuts maintenance in half with flexible screw conveyors
M-1390Holland Dyes & Chemicals
Automatic bulk bag discharging and powder metering improve efficiency, safety at well known chemical producer
P-0891Forbes Chocolate
Automated powder unloading system speeds blending process by 25 percent at Forbes Chocolate
Bulk bag weigh batch system cuts labor, dust, disposal associated with manual bag dumping
N-1434Lenox China
Flexicon weigh batch system cost effective for Lenox China
How Flexicon flexible screw conveyors help batch, blend and feed powdered chemical blends to packaging lines
N-1228Georgia Spice
Flexible screw feed variety of bulk products to form/fill/seal packaging lines
P-1006Canbra Foods
Automated bulk bag weigh batching of salt and whey replaces manual bag dumping, boosts margarine production 50%
P-0206Transylvania Vocational Services
Flexible screw conveyor help package powdered milk at high rate
N-1432McClancy Seasonings
McClancy Seasonings feeds 8000 different spices and dry food mixes to packaging lines with flexible screw conveyor
P-1161Nye Lubricants
Dumping and Conveying A Feather-Light Material Dust-Free
N-1336Willert Home Products
Sealed bulk bag discharger/conveyor system stops dust, cuts cycle times, boosts quality of deodorant chemicals
Bulk transfer system triples output of dry food additive
R-0177Flexicon Test Lab
Test Lab Simulates Bulk Handling Applications
R-0776Bosma Industries
Lift-and-seal Dumper Lets Workers Breathe Easy at Bosma Industries for the Blind
R-0110Mother Murphy's
Bulk bag unloading/filling/conveying system supplies packaging line with powdered flavors
Automated Powder Unloading Halves Batching Time
P-1025Statestrong Ltd.
Drum Dump and Conveying System Speeds Hairspray Manufacture
T-0226Macleod Pharmaceuticals
Powdered antibiotics conveyed in a curve, dust free
S-0945Robert McBride Ltd
Bulk Bag unloading system ends dust, improves productivity of dishwasher tablet line
S-0536Glorybee Foods
Glorybee Foods Conveys Ingredients Having Disparate Particle Sizes And Bulk Densities Without Separating Blends
Q-0494Metrode Products Ltd
Drum Filling And Discharge Stations Improve Blending Efficiency, Safety
T-0418Omex Agrifluids Ltd.
Conveyors and Bulk Handling Unit Improve Safety and Processing of Fertilizers
S-0223Oberlin Filter Company
Automated dosing of dry treatment chemical with flexible conveyor improves accuracy, safety of filtration system
R-0167Simmers of Edinburgh Ltd.
Bulk Handling System Gives Baker Big Gains In Productivity And Economy
T-1098SCA Packaging
Bulk Handling System Eliminates Dust, Reduces Material Waste, and Streamlines Production of Corrugated Board
T-0477EaglePicher Technologies
Isotopic chemical characteristics require integration of mechanical and pneumatic conveyors for batching accuracy
T-0564M & I Materials Ltd.
Lubricant producer triples capacity with bulk unloading/conveying system
U-0609Unilever Ice Cream & Frozen Food
Bulk handling system ups frozen food quality, cuts labor
Q-0879Multisorb Technologies Inc.
Automated Bulk Solids Handling System Increases Productivity, Market Growth
T-0417Castle Cement
Cement Plant Conveys and Weighs “Green” Bulk Fuel Ingredients in Process to Replace Coal
T-1125BASF Corp.
Rotating Drum/Bulk Bag Filler Plays Role in Quality of Surfactant Packaging at BASF
U-0205Texas A&M University System
Sealed Bulk Bag Discharge System Contains a Chemical Dust Hazard
T-0944Oplex S.A. de C.V.
Bulk-solids handling system upgrades calendering operation
S-0630Orthomol Company
Bulk Bag Unloaders Clean up Nutritional Products Packaging Line
U-0630World Flavors Co., Inc.
Conveying spice blends to packaging machines without segregation, contamination
T-0933Minnesota Explosives Company
Bulk Handling System Keeps Explosives Plant Clean
Packager of lawn and garden products ups blending capacity by adding conveyor
U-1196Cumberland Pencil Co.
Bulk Handling System Prevents Dust at Pencil-Manufacturing Plant
V-0483H+H Celcon Ltd.
Weigh batching system automates addition of aluminum powder to concrete block mixture
U-0781MaraNatha Nut Butters
Nut Butter Output Increases Five-Fold With Bulk Bag Unloaders, Flexible Screw Conveyors
V-0365J.O. Spice Company, Inc.
Family-run seasonings company puts more spice into production
V-0484Muntons Malt
Removing Malt Production Bottleneck with Flexible Screw, Bulk Bag Filler, Unloader
V-1137Danisco A/S
Dust-Tight Bulk Bag Discharger with Flexible Screw Conveyor Eliminates Waste, Improves Safety and Quality
V-1174American Water-Pridesa
Powder-handling equipment improves filtration at desalination plant
W-0843Municipal Water Treatment
Automated Handling of Activated Carbon in Bulk Bags Reduces Dust and Labor for Municipal WTPs
X-0585ArrMaz Custom Chemicals
Low cost retrofit of bag dump station to bulk bag unloader upgrades safety, productivity at specialty chemical company
X-0614Nutco Inc.
Flexible screw conveyors save maintenance and sanitation costs for a peanut processor
X-0604Dawn Food Products Inc.
Bulk Handling System Boosts Productivity of Food Mix Producer
W-0780Ameron International
Bag Dump Conveying System Contains Titanium Dioxide Dust in PVC Blending Operation
Retrofit with blender and flexible screw conveyor adds in-house blending to packaging of cosmetic powder
X-0823The Plastics Group of America
Bulk Bag Discharger and Flexible Screw Conveyor Feed Twin-Screw Extruder in Restricted Space
Y-0366Fillcare Ltd.
Bulk Bag Conditioner Ends Blockages of Personal Product Ingredients, Downtime
Y-0251ProMinent Fluid Controls Pty Ltd.
Bulk Bag Unloading System Contains Toxic Dust in Fluoridation Plants
T-1278Sanitarium Health Foods
Producing Peanut Butter without Jamming
X-0890Esterline Technologies
Bulk Bag Handling System Slashes Carbon Black Inventory, Keeps Compounding Line Clean
Y-0600APCO Packaging
APCO Packaging Moves Perlite in Low Headroom Area with Flexible Screw Conveyor
Y-0812Atchison Topeka
Atchison Topeka Transfers Powdered Foods from Bulk Bags to Tanker Trucks Dust Free
X-0567Casa Cuervo
Twin Flexible Screw Conveyors at Tequila Producer Casa Cuervo, Boost Efficiency, Safety, Quality
Y-0422Quad Graphics
Offset, Gravure Ink Pigments Weighed by Bulk Bag Discharging Systems


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