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Flexicon: Convey, load, unload, weigh, feed, and process virtually any bulk solid material

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04-10-13Bag Dumping System with Glove Box, Compactor, Conveyor
02-27-13Sanitary Box Dumper
11-28-12Tilt-Down Flexible Screw Conveyor Fits Tight Spots, Collects Dust, Sanitizes Easily
10-24-12Mobile Bulk Bag Filling System Has Metal Detection, Tilt-Down Feeder
08-27-12Automated Bulk Bag Conditioner Loosens Solidified Materials
07-13-12New Santiago Location Marks Flexicon S.A. Expansion
06-25-12Manual Dump System Has Compactor, Conveyor
05-17-12Multi-Purpose Low Profile Filler for Boxes, Drums, Bulk Bags
04-26-12Mobile Half-Frame Bulk Bag Discharger has Manual Dump Station, Flexible Screw Conveyor
01-09-12Bulk Bag Conditioner with Hoist, Trolley
11-22-11Dual Bulk Bag Filling System with Pallet Dispenser
10-25-11Pneumatic Weigh Filling System
09-08-11Skid-Mounted Pneumatic Bulk Bag Discharging System
Transfers to Silos
08-19-11Flexicon Chief Confident on Outlook
06-27-11Bulk Bag Filling Line
04-27-11Plant-wide Weigh Batching System
03-02-11Single-Trip Bulk Bag Unloader with Flexible Screw Conveyor
12-16-10High-Lift Box/Container Dumper
09-28-10Drum Dump Feeder
09-15-10Bag Dump System has Integral Compactor, Flexible Screw Conveyor
06-23-10Tilt-Down Portable Bulk Conveyor Fits Tight Spaces, Cleans Easily
05-27-10Open Chute Box Dumper Introduced by Flexicon
04-19-10Bulk Bag And Manual Dump Weigh Batch System
01-26-10Sanitary Bulk Bag Conditioner
12-01-09Sanitary High Lift Drum Dumper
11-13-09Box-Container Dumper Unveiled by Flexicon
09-27-09Bulk Bag Weigh Batch Eductor System
08-01-09New Drum Dumper Announced by Flexicon
05-14-09Recirculating Spreader-Feeder
05-01-09Sanitary Bag Dump Weigh Batch System
03-03-09Basic Bulk Bag Filler Unveiled by Flexicon
02-19-09Flexicon Opens Sydney Sales Office
02-18-09Sanitary Bag Dump Station
11-21-08Flexicon Triples Brisbane Manufacturing Space
09-24-08Sanitary Bulk Bag Filler Brings Fill Head to Operator
09-23-08Lime Feeder
08-01-08Pivot-Head Filler Accommodates Bulk Bags, Drums
06-12-08Sanitary Bulk Bag Unloading System
05-08-08Flexicon Expands Controls Department
11-20-07Flexicon Expands Engineering Department
08-15-07Manual Dump to Rigid Bin Weigh Batching System
07-18-07Bulk Bag Conditioner-Unloader System
05-15-07Bulk-Bag-To-Bin Weigh Batching System
01-05-07Hydraulic Bulk Bag Conditioner
06-12-06Split-Frame Unloader for Bulk Bags and Rigid Bins
02-06-06Flexicon Opens QLD Manufacturing Facility
02-03-06Ray Greene Appointed General Manager of Flexicon Australia
11-30-053-A Sanitary Conveyor
10-19-05Bulk Bag And Bag Dump Pneumatic Batching/Blending System
09-30-05Manual Dumping Station for Pneumatic Conveyors
08-31-05Half Frame Low Cost Bulk Bag Unloader with Flexible Screw Conveyor
08-25-05Flexicon Names Simon Hall Applications Engineering Manager
06-30-05Manual Dumping Station with Flexible Screw Conveyor
05-25-05Flexicon Announces New Australian Subsidiary
04-27-05Low Profile Flexible Screw Weigh Batching System
03-04-05Dust-Free Bulk Bag Discharger For Pneumatic Conveyors
02-14-05Bulk Filling System with High-Lift Drum Dumper
06-03-04Bulk Bag Weigh Batch System With Pneumatic And Flexible Screw Conveyors
06-03-04Open Chute Drum Dumper
04-24-04Bulk Bag Filler Brings Fill Head To Operator
04-16-04Continuous Loss-Of-Weight Bulk Bag Unloader

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